Accessing object types in Delphi5

I am using Delphi 5 Pro with Oracle 8.1.7 on Win2K.  I have a table with
fields of defined object types.  One field is a varray(10) of char(15) and
another field is an OBJECT of (column1 varchar2, column2 varchar2, column3
varchar2) similar to an ADT field.  I would like to display them in a DBGrid
but I cannot get it to work.  When I try to add fields to the FieldEditor or
ColumnEditor, I get the error :  "ORA-21301:  not initialized in object
mode".  Is this something with the components that I am not aware of?
Delphi Help states these components should work.  I am using Oracle Data
Access Components (ODAC) since I could not get ODBC to work
properly.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Steven Dod
Oracle Certified Professional