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Invalid pointer operation

Hi everybody,

happy newyear, here from Amsterdam.

An error-message: "invalid pointer type". Anybody seen it before?

Occurs when i try to enter a date-value in a column on a grid. The
column is of TdxDBGridDateColumn type (from DevExpress) and referring to
a field of TDateTimeField type. The field has an EditMask defined.
It appears to happen only when my data (module) accesses a SQL-type
database. When accessing a Paradox environment it doesn't seem to
trouble me.

Is this a bug? Is there a workaround? What is the source of the problem?

Any help appreciated,



Re:Invalid pointer operation

I have seen this before. When I was using bookmarks in Paradox file and I
tried to Free (with dataset.freebookmark) what I thought was TBookmark
pointer and it was in fact a TBookmarkStr.

This makes me wonder if the problem may be a bookmark operation ebeded in a
component - A Bookmark operation that works fine a Paradox table however not
in a SQL-Type database. Just a wild guess.

Steve Bayliss

Oscar Schoof wrote in message <>...

>An error-message: "invalid pointer type". Anybody seen it before?

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