Samba much slower with BDE?

Hi there.

I posted a similar question a few days ago, with no answer,
but I have learnt a little more since.

I have Samba 2.0.7 on a PII 400 machine. There are up to 6 Win98 machines
which will access this.
I have the shares set up ok, and users can access the samba shares with no
delay or problems.
My app (using delphi5 & paradox tables) slows down DRAMATICALLY
when using the samba share. I have checked out the samba groups, and quite a
few people
report significant slowdowns when using scenarios similar to mine, but a lot
of people state
that it can be set up, without the slow down.

Any ideas here? I write here because it appears that the slowdown only
occurs when the BDE
is being used.

The important settings I have learnt to maintain record locking are:
oplocks = false
locking = on
level2 oplocks = on

But when I test this (using sambas testparm) I receive a message telling
me that if oplocks are set to False, level2 oplocks must also be set to

I'm pulling my hair out here, so any suggestions would be greatly