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Within my application I use 15 database, 10 tables contains
ref. integraty. The most tables are small tables which we use
as a lookup for the user. Those a tables which contains values
like mr. mrs. etc, or a table with all color description. etc...etc
Most of those tables are very small and contain about 25 records.
When changing a value in a ''lookup table'' this change will
not be updated/refreshed  in the 'master table'.

On all tables I use a dbnavigator to do the work like, add, delete,
edit, navigate.

What I'm I doing wrong....?


Re:Refresh table with

If you have a single column table that contains colors and you use that as a
lookup table to assign the colors to fields in other tables the values in
the other tables are completely independent of the values in the lookup
table. Changing the text in the lookup table will not affect the other
tables. If you want to be able to change descriptions and see the new
description everywhere you will need to use codes to reference the
descriptions. Suppose you have a parts table which contains part numbers and
part descriptions. You also have an orders table that contains part numbers.
You can add a lookup field to the orders TTable that uses the part number to
lookup and display the part description. Now if you change the description
in the parts table the description you see in the lookup field in the orders
table will change too.

Bill Todd (TeamB)
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