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Exporting quick report preview to txt file

I want to export the Quick report output to a text file and
  take the print so that it will be faster in Dot matrix printers.
I don't want the user to select the save option and save it in TXT file.

  To do that I tried the Following codes
// I added QrTextFilter component
// saving  to a text file without Previewing

// this txt file contains some illegal characters so that
// Ican't directly give print it from DOS mode

What I actually wanted is saving the Quick report preview in Txt file
Without Previewing;

Can anybody help me to solve this problem

Thanks in Advance


Re:Exporting quick report preview to txt file

I have problem like this!
I want create the text file using ASCII filter before preview
(because its wasting of time) but
new file contains not all of bands ( no subdetail, only group and summary).
Verry Strange - The same report works goood when it made after PREVIEW.

Qusoooft! How are you????

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