HELP, Delphi 1.0 and Paradox 5.0 on network

I have Paradox 5.0 and Delphi 1.0 installed on network(Personal Netware 1.0) and
Windows 3.11.
Actually Im ussing the IDAPI of Paradox 5.0 in my computer because if install BDE of
delphi 1.0, Paradox raise a GPF in IDAPI01.DLL 0002:0822. But ussing IDAPI of Paradox
5.0, TQUERY component not open (Invalid option).Then I run Paradox 5.0,run a QBE and try
again open TQUERY and the SQL stament is exetuted (only if Paradox is running).

Actually, this is my win.ini:


In C:\IDAPI ----> IDAPI of Paradox 5.0
In C:\BDE   ----> DBE of Delphi 1.0

This is mi IDAPI.CFG:

net dir=\\ADJ_PC\VILLARES\  -------> DB Tables
share local=TRUE                              

Please, I need run aplications write in delphi 1.0 and FDLs of Paradox 5.0. at time.

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