Animated Cursor as Resource , AND DragDrop Files (A TWIST)

Heya All,

I have a coupla questions here.

1)  I can include custom cursors into my app fine, it all works.  Now the
question is, how do I get an animated cursor in there.  I edit my .rc scripts
manually and then run them through Brc32, and get a message saying cursor file
format invalid, any tips.  Also I have been able to use animated cursors by
using LoadCursorFromFile, and setting it up the same way as a normal added
cursor.  i.e. Const
                        crMycursor = 666  etc......

2) Now for a twist on the DragDrop Files SAGA.  How do I get notification from
windows that something from my app has been dropped somewhere. i.e.  I wanna
be able to drag n drop files from a file manager type thingy IN MY APP, and
have the files copied to the external dir I drop them on.

//My standard theat about abusing your pet bunny in cases of non replies
goes here.....

Yours in frustration


PS. Personal email replies will be greatly appreciated..