Need help getting started in Delphi again!

First of all excuse the cross post, once I get in the grove again I will not
be so rude.

The last time I worked in Delphi it was Version 2.0.  Since then my job has
taken me down the HTML, JavaScript and Visual Basic roads.  Finally found a
good job doing Delphi again.  However, I have lost touch.  Can someone
please post or email me some good Delphi resources with good info on the
following topics:

    - Delphi and the Windows API
    - Delphi and Oracle
    - Delphi and C++ integration
    - Creating Delphi DLLs for Visual Basic (that is part of the reason I
was hired)
    - Delphi getting started books (I have been given a newbie to train)
    - And any other good Delphi resources you have found you can't live

Also, I have been told by some consultant that there will be a version of
Delphi for Sun Solaris and for Linux -- yeah right!  Anyone have info or is
this guy just blowing smoke!

One last question, is it worth the time/effort of Delphi certification.

Thanks in advance for all who take the time to respond,

Enzo Maini