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Map making????

How would I go about making a map, civ style? So far I've
got the idea of placing a random number of islands on a
blank map. Then go through the map creating new bit's of land
around the excisting ones recursively. Each type of terrain
having a pre-defined chance of being picked, growing smaller
the more the island expands. Not quite sure of the code bit,
any help would be most welcome.

Thanx, Tom.
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Re:Map making????

Funny you should ask.  I'm in the process of making a game that my
co-designer says will kick civ off the face of the earth.  I'm just
the programmer, and don't know alot about strategy games.  Anyway...

My world creation went something like this:
Fill the world with water.
Pick locations for land masses.
For each location:
- Create a volcano.
- Make volcano grow.
- Erode land mass.
- Create lakes
- Connect lakes with oceans using a river.

The volcanos initially are pillars - high and straight up.

My erosion algorithm uses a moving average technique (used in
statistics) to wear down the pillar.  Each square is the average of the
eight squares surrounding it.  I run the average in the X axis, then
in the Y axis.

It makes some pretty cool worlds.  Needless to say, the above is a very
abstract description of the algorithm, and the coding/tweeking  took
a couple weeks.

If you would like to see a screen shot, I'll send one.


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