Intersolv Oracle 7 ODBC driver not visible in BDE

I am trying to install my Delphi 3 database application on a user's NT 4.0
PC. I have installed Oracle sqlnet and the Intersolve Oracle7 ODBC driver
on the PC. Microsoft Access 95 can use the table through the ODBC driver
with no problem. We have always had good luck with the Intersole drivers.

When I try to see the Oracle 7 driver with the 32 bit BDE from Delphi 3,
it is not in the drivers list. My delphi application can not access the
database from the user's PC.

The entire configuration works perfectly on my NT4.0 PC (32 bit
Intersolv driver, Oracle sqlnet, Delphi3 BDE), where I developed the
application. Is there a BDE initialization step or parameter that I have
forgotten in order to make the ODBC driver visible to the BDE, as it is
now visible to Access? I must create an alias to the Oracle database in
the BDE so my application can run.