Database Object inspector vs. editor problem

Rewriting my CA Clipper appl. into Delphi  I got this problem

I use a Datamodule with a Articlename table and a stock-sales table.  (Dbase)
These tables are shown using pagecontroller and pagesheets to make easy multiple
views possible
In pagesheet1 articlenametable . MASTERSOURCE and MASTERFIELDS from the
stocktable .
In pagesheet2  the Stocktable uses the Articlename table as lookuptable.  
In pagesheet3 the Stocktable (browse) . Mastersource and Masterfields from the
articlename table
(And the same principle for orders and deliveries to get different views)

When  this is set up in the Object inspector  the separate sheets work fine but
because the (master)tables are switched I have to code it in the Delphieditor
Now It does not do anything right anymore.
The datasources and settings are activated with the ONSHOW event when changing

Frits v/d laan