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MSAccess + W95 + DAO 3.5

I am having trouble with DAO 3.5 and win95.  I am using BDE 5.10 and are
confident that the bde setting are ok (my app runs under NT).  From
this newsgroup and borlands bde site, I think I need to try reinstalling
DAO again.  Where can I get the DAO files from?

Daniel Brown


Re:MSAccess + W95 + DAO 3.5


Check out

They have a little VB app that you can download, and then distribute to
your clients who want to use your app, but do not already have the "jet"
engine on their machine.

The VB app is somewhat like a miniature Database Desktop, but for Access

One thing to watch out for, though.  I found that when I ran their
install routine, it caused a mismatch in some
Windows\System\ODBC-related files. So, before installing on a Win95 box,
I'd recommend you back up all the files in that directory that pertain
to ODBC, then restore them when you're done.  Not sure if this applies
to 98 or NT.


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