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Bug?: Oracle8 and default logins

In Oracle you can define users where the login credentials from
the OS is used (login type external). With this enabled you can
login automatically to a Oracle database without providing yet
another username/password pair. It will simply rely on the WinNT
OS login authentication to verify the user.

We have a client that has been using this for some time using
Oracle 7.3 and BDE No problems there. But after
they migrated to Oracle8 and started using the Oracle8 BDE
drivers, the automatic logins no longer work. Instead, we get
an error message:

"ORA-24324: service handle not initialized"

What is "funny" is that reverting back to the old Oracle7.3 BDE
drivers, the automatic login works again, but then other database
functionality fail (such as modifying a table).

In short, we find no way getting this combination to work:

1. BDE 5.01, Oracle8 driver (SQLORA8.DLL, OCI.DLL)
2. Oracle8 database
3. External (OS) logins

Using a non-BDE connection such as through SQL*Plus8,
there is no problem using automatic logins.

Has anyone else experienced this problem?
Are there any known workarounds?

/Hallvard Vassbotn


Re:Bug?: Oracle8 and default logins

FYI: We have found a workaround:

Use '/' for both username and password, then the automatic
login works just fine.

I still think this should be handled by the BDE Oracle8
driver (SQLORA8.DLL). Logic that was working with the
7.3 driver is breaking applications that start using the
newer driver.

/Hallvard Vassbotn

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