Enuff Allready! Jet Error Msgs.

All kinds of folk seem to be wondering about the MS Jet Error msgs.

well, don't sue me if they are not right, but they work for me;

Oh, and sorry for the hammered formatting.  If you REALLY want this, I can email
you a CSV, an Excel sheet, or horrors, an Access MDB.  I might be more likely to
do this if you send me a cool little piece of code, a really cool joke, or a
really bizzare tale.

Michael  Andersen
StoneBridge Systems

JET_wrnNyi                         -1    Function Not Yet Implemented
JET_errRfsFailure*               -100    JET_errRfsFailure
JET_errRfsNotArmed*              -101    JET_errRfsFailure
JET_errPageBoundary              -200    Reached Page Boundary
JET_errKeyBoundary               -201    Reached Key Boundary
JET_wrnRemainingVersions          202    Some versions could not be cleaned
JET_errFileClose                 -203    Could not close OS file
JET_errNoMoreThreads             -204    Could not start thread
JET_errNoComputerName            -205    fail to get computername
JET_errTooManyIO                 -206    System busy due to too many IO's
JET_errFeatureNotAvailable      -1001    API not supported
JET_errInvalidName              -1002    Invalid name
JET_errInvalidParameter         -1003    Invalid API parameter
JET_wrnColumnNull                1004    Column is NULL-valued
JET_errReferenceNotFound        -1005    No such reference
JET_wrnBufferTruncated           1006    Buf too short, data truncated
JET_wrnDatabaseAttached          1007    Database is already attached
JET_wrnOnEndPoint                1008    On end point
JET_wrnSortOverflow              1009    Sort does not fit in memory
JET_errInvalidDatabaseId        -1010    Invalid database id
JET_errOutOfMemory              -1011    Out of Memory
JET_errCantAllocatePage         -1012    Couldn't allocate a page
JET_errNoMoreCursors            -1013    Max # of cursors allocated
JET_errOutOfBuffers             -1014    JET_errOutOfBuffers
JET_errTooManyIndexes           -1015    Too many indexes
JET_errTooManyKeys              -1016    Too many columns in an index
JET_errRecordDeleted            -1017    Record has been deleted
JET_errReadVerifyFailure        -1018    Read verification error
JET_errFilesysVersion           -1019    Obsolete database format
JET_errNoMoreFiles              -1020    No more file handles
JET_errDiskNotReady             -1021    Disk not ready
JET_errDiskIO                   -1022    JET_errDiskIO
JET_errInvalidPath              -1023    JET_errInvalidPath
JET_errFileShareViolation       -1024    JET_errFileShareViolation
JET_errFileLockViolation        -1025    JET_errFileLockViolation
JET_errRecordTooBig             -1026    JET_errRecordTooBig
JET_errTooManyOpenDatabases     -1027    Database limit reached
JET_errInvalidDatabase          -1028    This isn't a database
JET_errNotInitialized           -1029    JetInit not yet called
JET_errAlreadyInitialized       -1030    JetInit already called
JET_errFileLockingUnavailable   -1031    JET_errFileLockingUnavailable
JET_errFileAccessDenied         -1032    JET_errFileAccessDenied
JET_errSharingBufferExceeded    -1033    OS sharing buffer exceeded
JET_errQueryNotSupported        -1034    Query support unavailable
JET_errSQLLinkNotSupported      -1035    SQL Link support unavailable
JET_errTaskLimitExceeded        -1036    Too many client tasks
JET_errUnsupportedOSVersion     -1037    Unsupported OS version
JET_errBufferTooSmall           -1038    Buffer is too small
JET_wrnSeekNotEqual              1039    SeekLE or SeekGE didn't find exact
JET_errTooManyColumns           -1040    Too many columns defined
JET_errTooManyFixedColumns      -1041    Too many fixed columns defined
JET_errTooManyVariableColumns   -1042    Too many variable columns defined
JET_errContainerNotEmpty        -1043    Container is not empty
JET_errInvalidFilename          -1044    Filename is invalid
JET_errInvalidBookmark          -1045    Invalid bookmark
JET_errColumnInUse              -1046    Column used in an index
JET_errInvalidBufferSize        -1047    Data buffer doesn't match column size
JET_errColumnNotUpdatable       -1048    Can't set column value
JET_wrnCommitNotFlushed          1049    Commit did not flush to disk
JET_errAbortSalvage             -1050    Forced Salvager abort
JET_errIndexInUse               -1051    Index is in use
JET_errLinkNotSupported         -1052    Link support unavailable
JET_errNullKeyDisallowed        -1053    Null keys are disallowed on index
JET_errNotInTransaction         -1054    JET_errNotInTransaction
JET_wrnNoErrorInfo               1055    No extended error information
JET_errInstallableIsamNotFound  -1056    Installable ISAM not found
JET_errOperationCancelled       -1057    Operation canceled by client
JET_wrnNoIdleActivity            1058    No idle activity occured
JET_errTooManyActiveUsers       -1059    Too many active database users
JET_errInvalidAppend            -1060    Cannot append long value
JET_errInvalidCountry           -1061    Invalid or unknown country code
JET_errInvalidLanguageId        -1062    Invalid or unknown language id
JET_errInvalidCodePage          -1063    Invalid or unknown code page
JET_errCantBuildKey             -1064    Can't build key for this sort order.
JET_errIllegalReentrancy        -1065    Re-entrancy on same cursor family
JET_errIllegalRelationship      -1066    Can't create relationship
JET_wrnNoWriteLock               1067    No write lock at transaction level 0
JET_errDBVerFeatureNotAvailable -1067    API not supported using old database
JET_errIllegalRIConstraint      -1068    Illegal referrential constraint
JET_wrnNoMessageForError         1069    No message for error
JET_errCantBegin                -1101    Cannot BeginSession
JET_errWriteConflict            -1102    Write lock failed due to outstanding
write lock
JET_errTransTooDeep             -1103    Xactions nested too deeply
JET_errInvalidSesid             -1104    Invalid session handle
JET_errReadConflict             -1105    Commit lock failed due to outstanding
read lock
JET_errCommitConflict           -1106    Read lock failed due to outstanding
commit lock
JET_errSessionWriteConflict     -1107    Another session has private version of
JET_errInTransaction            -1108    Operation not allowed within a
JET_errTooManySessions          -1109    Too many active sessions
JET_errDatabaseDuplicate        -1201    Database already exists
JET_errDatabaseInUse            -1202    Database in use, can't detach
JET_errDatabaseNotFound         -1203    No such database
JET_errDatabaseInvalidName      -1204    Invalid database name
JET_errDatabaseInvalidPages     -1205    Invalid number of pages
JET_errDatabaseCorrupted        -1206    non-db file or corrupted db
JET_errDatabaseLocked           -1207    Database exclusively locked
JET_wrnDatabaseEncrypted         1208    Database is encrypted
JET_errDatabaseCorrupted_Cmpct  -1209    Database is corrupted.  Run repair
*AND* compact
JET_wrnTableEmpty                1301    Open an empty table
JET_errTableLocked              -1302    Table is exclusively locked
JET_errTableDuplicate           -1303    Table already exists
JET_errTableInUse               -1304    Table is in use, cannot lock
JET_errObjectNotFound           -1305    No such table or object
JET_errCannotRename             -1306    Cannot rename temporary file
JET_errDensityInvalid           -1307    Bad file/index density
JET_errTableNotEmpty            -1308    Cannot define clustered index
JET_errTableNotLocked           -1309    No DDLs w/o exclusive lock
JET_errInvalidTableId           -1310    Invalid table id
JET_errTooManyOpenTables        -1311    Cannot open any more tables
JET_errIllegalOperation         -1312    Oper. not supported on table
JET_wrnExecSegReleased           1313    Query Execution segment is released
JET_errObjectDuplicate          -1314    Table or object name in use
JET_errRulesLoaded              -1315    Rules loaded, can't define more
JET_errInvalidObject            -1316    object is invalid for operation
JET_errInvalidCursorName        -1317    Invalid Cursor Name
JET_errIndexCantBuild           -1401    Cannot build clustered index
JET_errIndexHasPrimary          -1402    Primary index already defined
JET_errIndexDuplicate           -1403    Index is already defined
JET_errIndexNotFound            -1404    No such index
JET_errIndexMustStay            -1405    Cannot delete clustered index
JET_errIndexInvalidDef          -1406    Illegal index definition
JET_errSelfReference            -1407    Referencing/Referenced index is the
JET_errIndexHasClustered        -1408    Clustered index already defined
JET_errColumnLong               -1501    column value is long
JET_errColumnNoChunk            -1502    no such chunk in field
JET_errColumnDoesNotFit         -1503    Field will not fit in record
JET_errNullInvalid              -1504    Null not valid
JET_errColumnTooBig             -1506    Field length is > maximum
JET_errColumnNotFound           -1507    No such column
JET_errColumnDuplicate          -1508    Field is already defined
JET_errTaggedDefault            -1509    No defaults on tagged fields
JET_errColumn2ndSysMaint        -1510    Second autoinc or version column
JET_errInvalidColumnType        -1511    Invalid column data type
JET_wrnColumnMaxTruncated        1512    Max length too big, truncated
JET_errColumnCannotIndex        -1513    Cannot index Bit, LongText, LongBinary
JET_errTaggedNotNULL            -1514    No non-NULL tagged fields
JET_errNoCurrentIndex           -1515    Invalid w/o a current index
JET_errKeyIsMade                -1516    The key is completely made
JET_errBadColumnId              -1517    Column Id Incorrect
JET_errBadItagSequence          -1518    Bad itagSequence for tagged column
JET_errColumnInRelationship     -1519    Cannot delete, column participates in
JET_wrnCopyLongValue             1520    Single instance column bursted
JET_errCannotBeTagged           -1521    AutoIncrement and Version cannot be
JET_errRelNoPrimaryIndex        -1522    No primary index on referenced table
JET_errNoBlank                  -1523    Zero length string invalid
JET_errRecordNotFound           -1601    The key was not found
JET_errRecordNoCopy             -1602    No working buffer
JET_errNoCurrentRecord          -1603    Currency not on a record
JET_errRecordClusteredChanged   -1604    Clustered key may not change
JET_errKeyDuplicate             -1605    Illegal duplicate key
JET_errCannotInsertBefore       -1606    Cannot insert before current
JET_errAlreadyPrepared          -1607    Already copy/clear current
JET_errKeyNotMade               -1608    No call to JetMakeKey
JET_errUpdateNotPrepared        -1609    No call to JetPrepareUpdate
JET_wrnDataHasChanged            1610    Data has changed
JET_errDataHasChanged           -1611    Data has changed; operation aborted
JET_errIntegrityViolationMaster -1612    References to key exist
JET_errIntegrityViolationslave  -1613    No referenced key exists
JET_wrnMuchDataChanged           1614    Repaint whole datasheet
JET_errIncorrectJoinKey         -1615    Master key does not match lookup key
JET_wrnCannotUndo                1616    Cannot undo JetUpdate
JET_wrnMuchChangedNoUndo         1617    Repaint datasheet, cannot undo
JET_wrnKeyChanged                1618    Moved to new key
JET_errRIKeyNullDisallowed      -1621    null value as a result of RI action
JET_errRIKeyDuplicate           -1622    duplicate key as a result of RI action
JET_errRIUpdateTwice            -1623    tried to update some field in a record
JET_wrnRIRecordsUpdated          1624    some additional records got updated due
to RI actions
JET_wrnRIRecordsDeleted          1625    some additional records got deleted due
to RI actions
JET_wrnRIRecordsUpdAndDel        1626    some additional records got updated and
deleted due to RI actions
JET_errRIInvalidBufferSize      -1627    data size exceeds column size
JET_errRIWriteConflict          -1628    write conflict due to cascading
JET_errRISessWriteConflict      -1629    session write conflict due to cascading
JET_wrnSyncedToDelRec            1699    CONSIDER: QJET INTERNAL
JET_errRedoPrepUpdate            1698    CONSIDER: QJET
JET_errTooManySorts             -1701    Too many sort processes
JET_errInvalidOnSort            -1702    Invalid operation on Sort
JET_errSysDatabaseOpenError     -1802    System db could not be opened
JET_errDatabaseOpenError        -1804    Database file can't be opened
JET_errTooManyAttachedDatabases -1805    Too many open databases
JET_errDatabaseCloseError       -1806    Db file could not be closed
JET_errTooManyOpenFiles         -1807    Too many files open
JET_errDiskFull                 -1808    No space left on disk
JET_errPermissionDenied         -1809    Permission denied
JET_errFileNotFound             -1811    File not found
JET_errTempDiskFull             -1812    No space left on disk
JET_wrnFileOpenReadOnly          1813    Database file is read only
JET_errAfterInitialization      -1850    Cannot Restore after init.
JET_errLogCorrupted             -1852    Logs could not be interpreted
JET_errCannotOpenSystemDb       -1901    failed sysdb on beginsession
JET_errInvalidLogon             -1902    invalid logon at beginsession
JET_errInvalidAccountName       -1903    invalid account name
JET_errInvalidSid               -1904    invalid SID
JET_errInvalidPassword          -1905    invalid password
JET_errInvalidOperation         -1906    invalid operation
JET_errAccessDenied             -1907    access denied
JET_errNoMSysAccounts           -1908    Can't open MSysAccounts
JET_errNoMSysGroups             -1909    Can't open MSysGroups
JET_errInvalidPin               -1910    invalid pin
JET_errAccountDuplicate         -1911    account name already exists
JET_errRmtSqlError              -2001    RMT: ODBC call failed
JET_errRmtMissingOdbcDll        -2006    RMT: Can't load ODBC DLL
JET_errRmtInsertFailed          -2007    RMT: Insert statement failed
JET_errRmtDeleteFailed          -2008    RMT: Delete statement failed
JET_errRmtUpdateFailed          -2009    RMT: Update statement failed
JET_errRmtColDataTruncated      -2010    RMT: data truncated
JET_errRmtTypeIncompat          -2011    RMT: Can't create JET type on server
JET_errRmtCreateTableFailed     -2012    RMT: Create table stmt failed
JET_errRmtNotSupported          -2014    RMT: Function not legal for rdb
JET_errRmtValueOutOfRange       -2020    RMT: Data value out of range
JET_errRmtStillExec             -2021    RMT INTERNAL: SQL_STILL_EXECUTING
JET_errRmtQueryTimeout          -2022    RMT: Server Not Responding
JET_wrnRmtNeedLvData             2023    RMT: Internal only - need Lv data
JET_wrnFatCursorUseless          2024    Fat cursor has no effect **
JET_errRmtWrongSPVer            -2025    RMT: INTERNAL: wrong SProc ver **
JET_errRmtLinkOutOfSync         -2026    RMT: the def for the rmt tbl has
JET_errRmtDenyWriteIsInvalid    -2027    RMT: Can't open DenyWrite
JET_errRmtDriverCantConv        -2029    RMT: INTERNAL: driver cannot convert
JET_errRmtTableAmbiguous        -2030    RMT: Table ambiguous: must specifier
JET_errRmtBogusConnStr          -2031    RMT: SPT: Bad connect string
JET_errRmtMultiRowUpdate        -2032    RMT: unique index not really unique
JET_errBadMSysConf              -2033    RMT: improper MSysConf
JET_errRmtDriverNotSupported    -2034    RMT: ODBC driver not supported through
JET_errQueryInvalidAttribut     -3001    Invalid query attribute
JET_errQueryOnlyOneRow          -3002    Only 1 such row allowed
JET_errQueryIncompleteRow       -3003    Missing value in row
JET_errQueryInvalidFlag         -3004    Invalid value in Flag field
JET_errQueryCycle               -3005    Cycle in query definition
JET_errQueryInvalidJoinTable    -3006    Invalid table in join
JET_errQueryAmbigRef            -3007    Ambiguous column reference
JET_errQueryUnboundRef          -3008    Cannot bind name
JET_errQueryParmRedef           -3009    Parm redefined with different type
JET_errQueryMissingParms        -3010    Too few parameters supplied
JET_errQueryInvalidOutput       -3011    Invalid query output
JET_errQueryInvalidHaving       -3012    HAVING clause without aggregation
JET_errQueryDuplicateAlias      -3013    Duplicate output alias
JET_errQueryInvalidMGBInput     -3014    Cannot input from MGB
JET_errQueryInvalidOrder        -3015    Invalid ORDER BY expression
JET_errQueryTooManyLevels       -3016    Too many levels on MGB
JET_errQueryMissingLevel        -3017    Missing intermediate MGB level
JET_errQueryIllegalAggregate    -3018    Aggregates not allowed
JET_errQueryDuplicateOutput     -3019    Duplicate destination output
JET_errQueryIsBulkOp            -3020    Grbit should be set for Bulk Operation
JET_errQueryIsNotBulkOp         -3021    Query is not a Bulk Operation
JET_errQueryIllegalOuterJoin    -3022    No inconsistent updates on outer joins
JET_errQueryNullRequired        -3023    Column must be NULL
JET_errQueryNoOutputs           -3024    Query must have an output
JET_errQueryNoInputTables       -3025    Query must have an input
JET_wrnQueryNonUpdatableRvt      3026    Query is not updatable (but IS RVT)
JET_errQueryInvalidAlias        -3027    Bogus character in alias name
JET_errQueryInvalidBulkInput    -3028    Cannot input from bulk operation
JET_errQueryNotDirectChild      -3029    T.* must use direct child
JET_errQueryExprEvaluation      -3030    Expression evaluation error
JET_errQueryIsNotRowReturning   -3031    Query does not return rows
JET_wrnQueryNonRvt               3032    Can't create RVT, query is static
JET_errQueryParmTypeMismatch    -3033    Wrong parameter type given
JET_errQueryChanging            -3034    Query Objects are being updated
JET_errQueryNotUpdatable        -3035    Operation must use an updatable query
JET_errQueryMissingColumnName   -3036    Missing destination column
JET_errQueryTableDuplicate      -3037    Repeated table name in FROM list
JET_errQueryIsMGB               -3038    Query is an MGB
JET_errQueryInsIntoBulkMGB      -3039    Cannot insert into Bulk/MGB
JET_errQueryDistinctNotAllowed  -3040    DISTINCT not allowed for MGB
JET_errQueryDistinctRowNotAllow -3041    DISTINCTROW not allowed for MGB
JET_errQueryNoDbForParmDestTbl  -3045    Dest DB for VT parm not allowed
JET_errQueryDuplicatedFixedSet  -3047    Duplicated Fixed Value
JET_errQueryNoDeleteTables      -3048    Must specify tables to delete from
JET_errQueryCannotDelete        -3049    Cannot delete from specified tables
JET_errQueryTooManyGroupExprs   -3050    Too many GROUP BY expressions
JET_errQueryTooManyOrderExprs   -3051    Too many ORDER BY expressions
JET_errQueryTooManyDistExprs    -3052    Too many DISTINCT output expressions
JET_errQueryBadValueList        -3053    Malformed value list in Transform
JET_errConnStrTooLong           -3054    Connect string too long
JET_errQueryInvalidParm         -3055    Invalid Parmeter Name (>64 char)
JET_errQueryContainsDbParm      -3056    Can't get parameters with Db Parm
JET_errQueryBadUpwardRefed      -3057    Illegally Upward ref'ed
JET_errQueryAmbiguousJoins      -3058    Joins in a QO are ambiguous
JET_errQueryIsNotDDL            -3059    Not a DDL Operation
JET_errNoDbInConnStr            -3060    No database in connect string
JET_wrnQueryIsNotRowReturning    3061    Not row returning
JET_errSingleColumnExpected     -3063    At most one column can be returned from
this subquery
JET_errColumnCountMismatch      -3064    Union Query: number of columns in
children don't match
JET_errQueryTopNotAllowed       -3065    Top not allowed in query
JET_errQueryIsDDL               -3066    Must set JET_bitTableDDL
JET_errQueryIsCorrupt           -3067    Query is Corrupt
JET_errQuerySPTBulkSucceeded    -3068    INTERNAL only
JET_errSPTReturnedNoRecords     -3069    SPT marked as RowReturning did not
return a table
JET_errSingleRecordExpected     -3070    At most one record can be returned from
this subquery
JET_errQueryTooComplex          -3071    Query too complex; push expressions
into UDFs and reduce number of columns
JET_errSetOpInvalidInSubquery   -3072    Unions not allowed in a subquery
JET_errQueryKeyTooBig           -3073    join, group, or sort key is too big
JET_errNoMostMany               -3074    most many info can not be obtained
JET_wrnAmbiguousMostMany         3075    a unique mostmany table was unable to
be determined
JET_errQueryIsNotRvt            -3076    query is not an RVT
JET_errTooManyFindSessions      -3077    Too many FastFind Sessions were invoked
JET_errQueryNotCheap            -3078    INTERNAL: For use with
JET_errExprSyntax               -3100    Syntax error in expression
JET_errExprIllegalType          -3101    Illegal type in expression
JET_errExprUnknownFunction      -3102    Unknown function in expression
JET_errSQLSyntax                -3500    Bogus SQL statement type
JET_errSQLParameterSyntax       -3501    Parameter clause syntax error
JET_errSQLInsertSyntax          -3502    INSERT clause syntax error
JET_errSQLUpdateSyntax          -3503    UPDATE clause syntax error
JET_errSQLSelectSyntax          -3504    SELECT clause syntax error
JET_errSQLDeleteSyntax          -3505    Expected 'FROM' after 'DELETE'
JET_errSQLFromSyntax            -3506    FROM clause syntax error
JET_errSQLGroupBySyntax         -3507    GROUP BY clause syntax error
JET_errSQLOrderBySyntax         -3508    ORDER BY clause syntax error
JET_errSQLLevelSyntax           -3509    LEVEL syntax error
JET_errSQLJoinSyntax            -3510    JOIN syntax error
JET_errSQLTransformSyntax       -3511    TRANSFORM syntax error
JET_errSQLHavingSyntax          -3512    HAVING clause syntax error
JET_errSQLWhereSyntax           -3513    WHERE clause syntax error
JET_errSQLProcedureSyntax       -3514    Expected query name after 'PROCEDURE'
JET_errSQLNotEnoughBuf          -3515    Buffer too small for SQL string
JET_errSQLMissingSemicolon      -3516    Missing ; at end of SQL statement
JET_errSQLTooManyTokens         -3517    Characters after end of SQL statement
JET_errSQLOwnerAccessSyntax     -3518    OWNERACCESS OPTION syntax error
JET_errNoInsertColumnName       -3519    No dest. col. name in INSERT stmt
JET_errQueryWrongNumDestCol     -3520    Too few/many destination columns
JET_errV11NotSupported          -3530    not supported in V11
JET_errV10Format                -3531    can be present in V10 format only
JET_errSQLUnionSyntax           -3532    UNION query syntax error
JET_wrnSqlPassThrough            3534    Pass Through query involved
JET_errSQLInvalidSPT            -3535    SPT Must be at least one char
JET_errDDLConstraintSyntax      -3550    constraint syntax error
JET_errDDLCreateTableSyntax     -3551    create table syntax error
JET_errDDLCreateIndexSyntax     -3552    create index syntax error
JET_errDDLColumnDefSyntax       -3553    column def syntax error
JET_errDDLAlterTableSyntax      -3554    alter table syntax error
JET_errDDLDropIndexSyntax       -3555    drop index syntax error
JET_errDDLDropSyntax            -3556    drop column or constraint syntax error
JET_errDDLDiffNumRelCols        -3560    different number of cols in
JET_errDDLIndexColNotFound      -3561    creating index on non- existant column
JET_errNoSuchProperty           -3600    Property was not found
JET_errPropertyTooLarge         -3601    Small Property larger than 2K
JET_errJPMInvalidForV1x         -3602    No JPM for non Red-V2 databases
JET_errPropertyExists           -3603    Property already exists
JET_errInvalidDelete            -3604    DeleteOnly called with non- zero cbData
JET_wrnPropCouldNotSave          3605    Optimization to save props failed
JET_errPropMustBeDDL            -3606    You must be set JET_bitPropDDL to
set/delete this property
JET_wrnFindWrapped               3700    Cursor wrapped during fast find
JET_errTLVNativeUserTablesOnly  -3700    TLVs can only be placed on native user
JET_errTLVNoNull                -3701    This field cannot be null
JET_errTLVNoBlank               -3702    This column cannot be blank
JET_errTLVRuleViolation         -3703    This validation rule must be met
JET_errTLVInvalidColumn         -3704    This TLV property cannot be placed on
this column
JET_errTLVDefaultExprEvaluation -3705    Default value expression evaluation
JET_errTLVExprUnknownFunc       -3706    Unknown function in TLV expression
JET_errTLVExprSyntax            -3707    Syntax error in TLV expression
JET_errDefaultExprSyntax        -3708    Syntax error in Default expression
JET_errTLVRuleExprEvaluation    -3709    Rule expression evaluation error
JET_errGeneral                  -5001    I-ISAM: assert failure
JET_errRecordLocked             -5002    I-ISAM: record locked
JET_wrnColumnDataTruncated       5003    I-ISAM: data truncated
JET_errTableNotOpen             -5004    I-ISAM: table is not open
JET_errDecryptFail              -5005    I-ISAM: incorrect password
JET_wrnCurrencyLost              5007    I-ISAM: currency lost - must first/last
JET_errDateOutOfRange           -5008    I-ISAM: invalid date
JET_wrnOptionsIgnored            5011    I-ISAM: options were ignored
JET_errTableNotComplete         -5012    I-ISAM: incomplete table definition
JET_errIllegalNetworkOption     -5013    I-ISAM: illegal network option
JET_errIllegalTimeoutOption     -5014    I-ISAM: illegal timeout option
JET_errNotExternalFormat        -5015    I-ISAM: invalid file format
JET_errUnexpectedEngineReturn   -5016    I-ISAM: unexpected engine error code
JET_errNumericFieldOverflow     -5017    I-ISAM: can't convert to native type
JET_errIndexHasNoPrimary        -5020    Paradox: no primary index
JET_errTableSortOrderMismatch   -5021    Paradox: sort order mismatch
JET_errNoConfigParameters       -5023    Paradox: net path or user name missing
JET_errCantAccessParadoxNetDir  -5024    Paradox: bad Paradox net path
JET_errObsoleteLockFile         -5025    Paradox: obsolete lock file
JET_errIllegalCollatingSequence -5026    Paradox: invalid sort sequence
JET_errWrongCollatingSequence   -5027    Paradox: wrong sort sequence
JET_errCantUseUnkeyedTable      -5028    Paradox: can't open unkeyed table
JET_errNetCtrlMismatch          -5029    Paradox: Open with different .net files
JET_err4xTableWith3xLocking     -5030    Paradox: Can't open 4x table with 3x
JET_errINFFileError             -5101    dBase: invalid .INF file
JET_errCantMakeINFFile          -5102    dBase: can't open .INF file
JET_wrnCantMaintainIndex         5103    dBase: unmaintainable index
JET_errMissingMemoFile          -5104    dBase: missing memo file
JET_errIllegalCenturyOption     -5105    dBase: Illegal century option
JET_errIllegalDeletedOption     -5106    dBase: Illegal deleted option
JET_errIllegalStatsOption       -5107    dBase: Illegal statistics option
JET_errIllegalDateOption        -5108    dBase: Illegal date option
JET_errIllegalMarkOption        -5109    dBase: Illegal mark option
JET_wrnDuplicateIndexes          5110    dBase: duplicate indexes in INF file
JET_errINFIndexNotFound         -5111    dBase: missing index in INF file
JET_errWrongMemoFileType        -5112    dBase: wrong memo file type
JET_errTooManyLongFields        -5200    Btrieve: more than one memo field
JET_errCantStartBtrieve         -5201    Btrieve: wbtrcall.dll missing
JET_errBadConfigParameters      -5202    Btrieve: win.ini [btrieve] options
JET_errIndexesChanged           -5203    Btrieve: need to GetIndexInfo
JET_errNonModifiableKey         -5204    Btrieve: can't modify record column
JET_errOutOfBVResources         -5205    Btrieve: out of resources
JET_errBtrieveDeadlock          -5206    Btrieve: locking deadlock
JET_errBtrieveFailure           -5207    Btrieve: Btrieve DLL failure
JET_errBtrieveDDCorrupted       -5208    Btrieve: data dictionary corrupted
JET_errBtrieveTooManyTasks      -5209    Btrieve: too many tasks
JET_errIllegalIndexDDFOption    -5210    Btrieve: Illegal IndexDDF option
JET_errIllegalDataCodePage      -5211    Btrieve: Illegal DataCodePage option
JET_errXtrieveEnvironmentError  -5212    Btrieve: Xtrieve INI options bad
JET_errMissingDDFFile           -5213    Btrieve: Missing field.ddf
JET_errIllegalIndexNumberOption -5214    Btrieve: Illegal IndexRenumber option
JET_errFindExprSyntax           -8001    Syntax error in FastFind expression
JET_errQbeExprSyntax            -8002    Syntax error in QBE expression
JET_errInputTableNotFound       -8003    Non-existant object in FROM list
JET_errQueryExprSyntax          -8004    Syntax error in some query expression
JET_errQodefExprSyntax          -8005    Syntax error in expression column
JET_errExpAliasAfterAS          -8006    Expected alias after 'AS' in FROM list
JET_errExpBYAfterGROUP          -8007    Expected 'BY' after 'GROUP'
JET_errExpBYAfterORDER          -8008    Expected 'BY' after 'ORDER'
JET_errExpClsParenAfterColList  -8009    Expected ')' after column list
JET_errExpColNameAfterPIVOT     -8010    Expected column name after 'PIVOT'
JET_errExpDatabaseAfterIN       -8011    Expected database name after 'IN'
JET_errExpDatatypeAfterParmName -8012    Expected datatype after parameter name
JET_errExpEqualAfterUpdColName  -8013    Expected '=' after update column name
JET_errExpExprAfterON           -8014    Expected join expression after 'ON'
JET_errExpExprAfterTRANSFORM    -8015    Expected expression after 'TRANSFORM'
JET_errExpExprAfterWHERE        -8016    Expected expression after 'WHERE'
JET_errExpGroupClauseInXform    -8017    Transform expects GROUP BY clause
JET_errExpGroupingExpr          -8018    Expected grouping expression
JET_errExpHavingExpr            -8019    Expected HAVING expression
JET_errExpINTOAfterINSERT       -8020    Expected 'INTO' after 'INSERT'
JET_errExpJOINAfterJoinType     -8021    Expected 'JOIN' after INNER/LEFT/RIGHT
JET_errExpLEVELAfterSelectList  -8022    Expected LEVEL after select list
JET_errExpNumberAfterLEVEL      -8023    Expected number after 'LEVEL'
JET_errExpONAfterRightTable     -8024    Expected 'ON' after right join table
JET_errExpOrderExpr             -8025    Expected ordering expression
JET_errExpOutputAliasAfterAS    -8026    Expected output alias after 'AS'
JET_errExpOutputExpr            -8027    Expected output expression
JET_errExpPIVOTAfterSelectStmt  -8028    Expected 'PIVOT' after SELECT statement
JET_errExpRightJoinTable        -8029    Expected right join table after 'JOIN'
JET_errExpSELECTAfterInsClause  -8030    Expected 'SELECT' after INSERT clause
JET_errExpSELECTAfterXformExpr  -8031    Expected 'SELECT' after Transform fact
JET_errExpSETAfterTableName     -8032    Expected 'SET' after table name
JET_errExpSemiAfterLevelNumber  -8033    Expected ';' after level number
JET_errExpSemiAfterParmList     -8034    Expected ';' after parmeter list
JET_errExpSemiAfterPivotClause  -8035    Expected ';' after PIVOT clause
JET_errExpSemiAtEndOfSQL        -8036    Expected ';' at end of SQL statement
JET_errExpTableName             -8037    Expected table name
JET_errExpTableNameAfterINTO    -8038    Expected table name after 'INTO'
JET_errExpUpdExprAfterEqual     -8039    Expected update expression after '='
JET_errExpUpdateColName         -8040    Expected update column name
JET_errInvTokenAfterFromList    -8041    Bogus token after FROM list
JET_errInvTokenAfterGroupList   -8042    Bogus token after GROUP BY list
JET_errInvTokenAfterHavingCls   -8043    Bogus token after HAVING clause
JET_errInvTokenAfterOrderClause -8044    Bogus token after ORDER BY clause
JET_errInvTokenAfterSelectCls   -8045    Bogus token after SELECT clause
JET_errInvTokenAfterWhereClause -8046    Bogus token after WHERE clause
JET_errLevelNumberTooBig        -8047    Number after 'LEVEL' too big
JET_errLevelOnNonMGB            -8048    LEVEL allowed only in MGB
JET_errIllegalDetailReference   -8049    Not group key or agg, but not MGB
JET_errAggOverMixedLevels       -8050    Agg. arg. uses outputs from > 1
JET_errAggregatingHigherLevel   -8051    Agg. over output of same/higher level
JET_errNullInJoinKey            -8052    Cannot set column in join key to NULL
JET_errValueBreaksJoin          -8053    Join is broken by column value(s)
JET_errInsertIntoUnknownColumn  -8054    INSERT INTO unknown column name
JET_errNoSelectIntoColumnName   -8055    No dest. col. name in SELECT INTO stmt
JET_errNoInsertColumnNameM      -8056    No dest. col. name in INSERT stmt
JET_errColumnNotInJoinTable     -8057    Join expr refers to non-join table
JET_errAggregateInJoin          -8058    Aggregate in JOIN clause
JET_errAggregateInWhere         -8059    Aggregate in WHERE clause
JET_errAggregateInOrderBy       -8060    Aggregate in ORDER BY clause
JET_errAggregateInGroupBy       -8061    Aggregate in GROUP BY clause
JET_errAggregateInArgument      -8062    Aggregate in argument expression
JET_errHavingOnTransform        -8063    HAVING clause on TRANSFORM query
JET_errHavingWithoutGrouping    -8064    HAVING clause w/o grouping/aggregation
JET_errHavingOnMGB              -8065    HAVING clause on MGB query
JET_errOutputAliasCycle         -8066    Cycle in SELECT list (via aliases)
JET_errDotStarWithGrouping      -8067    'T.*' with grouping, but not MGB level
JET_errStarWithGrouping         -8068    '*' with grouping, but not MGB detail
JET_errQueryTreeCycle           -8069    Cycle in tree of query objects
JET_errTableRepeatInFromList    -8072    Table appears twice in FROM list
JET_errTooManyXformLevels       -8073    Level > 2 in TRANSFORM query
JET_errTooManyMGBLevels         -8074    Too many levels in MGB
JET_errNoUpdateColumnName       -8075    No dest. column name in UPDATE stmt
JET_errJoinTableNotInput        -8076    Join table not in FROM list
JET_errUnaliasedSelfJoin        -8077    Join tables have same name
JET_errOutputLevelTooBig        -8078    Output w/ level > 1+max group level
JET_errOrderVsGroup             -8079    ORDER BY conflicts with GROUP BY
JET_errOrderVsDistinct          -8080    ORDER BY conflicts with DISTINCT
JET_errExpLeftParenthesis       -8082    Expected '('
JET_errExpRightParenthesis      -8083    Expected ')'
JET_errEvalEBESErr              -8084    EB/ES error evaluating expression
JET_errQueryExpCloseQuote       -8085    Unmatched quote for database name
JET_errQueryParmNotDatabase     -8086    Parameter type should be database
JET_errQueryParmNotTableid      -8087    Parameter type should be tableid
JET_errExpIdentifierM           -8088    Expected identifier
JET_errExpQueryName             -8089    Expected query name after PROCEDURE
JET_errExprUnknownFunctionM     -8090    Unknown function in expression
JET_errQueryAmbigRefM           -8091    Ambiguous column reference
JET_errQueryBadBracketing       -8092    Bad bracketing of identifier
JET_errQueryBadQodefName        -8093    Invalid name in QODEF row
JET_errQueryBulkColNotUpd       -8094    Column not updatable (bulk op)
JET_errQueryDistinctNotAllowedM -8095    DISTINCT not allowed for MGB
JET_errQueryDuplicateAliasM     -8096    Duplicate output alias
JET_errQueryDuplicateOutputM    -8097    Duplicate destination output
JET_errQueryDuplicatedFixedSetM -8098    Duplicated Fixed Value
JET_errQueryIllegalOuterJoinM   -8099    No inconsistent updates on outer joins
JET_errQueryIncompleteRowM      -8100    Missing value in row
JET_errQueryInvalidAttributeM   -8101    Invalid query attribute
JET_errQueryInvalidBulkInputM   -8102    Cannot input from bulk operation
JET_errQueryInvalidFlagM        -8103    Invalid value in Flag field
JET_errQueryInvalidMGBInputM    -8104    Cannot input from MGB
JET_errQueryLVInAggregate       -8105    Illegal long value in aggregate
JET_errQueryLVInDistinct        -8106    Illegal long value in DISTINCT
JET_errQueryLVInGroupBy         -8107    Illegal long value in GROUP BY
JET_errQueryLVInHaving          -8108    Illegal long value in HAVING
JET_errQueryLVInJoin            -8109    Illegal long value in JOIN
JET_errQueryLVInOrderBy         -8110    Illegal long value in ORDER BY
JET_errQueryMissingLevelM       -8111    Missing intermediate MGB level
JET_errQueryMissingParmsM       -8112    Too few parameters supplied
JET_errQueryNoDbForParmDestTblM -8113    Dest DB for VT parm not allowed
JET_errQueryNoDeletePerm        -8114    No delete permission on table/query
JET_errQueryNoInputTablesM      -8115    Query must have an input
JET_errQueryNoInsertPerm        -8116    No insert permission on table/query
JET_errQueryNoOutputsM          -8117    Query must have an output
JET_errQueryNoReadDefPerm       -8118    No permission to read query definition
JET_errQueryNoReadPerm          -8119    No read permission on table/query
JET_errQueryNoReplacePerm       -8120    No replace permission on table/query
JET_errQueryNoTblCrtPerm        -8121    No CreateTable permission (bulk op)
JET_errQueryNotDirectChildM     -8122    T.* must use direct child
JET_errQueryNullRequiredM       -8123    Column must be NULL
JET_errQueryOnlyOneRowM         -8124    Only 1 such row allowed
JET_errQueryOutputColNotUpd     -8125    Query output column not updatable
JET_errQueryParmRedefM          -8126    Parm redefined with different type
JET_errQueryParmTypeMismatchM   -8127    Wrong parameter type given
JET_errQueryUnboundRefM         -8128    Cannot bind name
JET_errRmtConnectFailedM        -8129    RMT: Connection attempt failed
JET_errRmtDeleteFailedM         -8130    RMT: Delete statement failed
JET_errRmtInsertFailedM         -8131    RMT: Insert statement failed
JET_errRmtMissingOdbcDllM       -8132    RMT: Can't load ODBC DLL
JET_errRmtSqlErrorM             -8133    RMT: ODBC call failed
JET_errRmtUpdateFailedM         -8134    RMT: Update statement failed
JET_errSQLDeleteSyntaxM         -8135    Expected 'FROM' after 'DELETE'
JET_errSQLSyntaxM               -8136    Bogus SQL statement type
JET_errSQLTooManyTokensM        -8137    Characters after end of SQL statement
JET_errStarNotAtLevel0          -8138    '*' illegal above level 0
JET_errQueryParmTypeNotAllowed  -8139    Parameter type not allowed for
JET_errRmtLinkNotFound          -8144    RMT: link not found
JET_errRmtTooManyColumns        -8145    RMT: Too many columns on Select Into
JET_errWriteConflictM           -8146    Write lock failed due to outstanding
write lock
JET_errReadConflictM            -8147    Commit lock failed due to outstanding
read lock
JET_errCommitConflictM          -8148    Read lock failed due to outstanding
commit lock
JET_errTableLockedM             -8149    Table is exclusively locked
JET_errTableInUseM              -8150    Table is in use, cannot lock
JET_errQueryTooManyXvtColumn    -8151    Too many cross table column headers
JET_errOutputTableNotFound      -8152    Non-existent table in Insert Into
JET_errTableLockedQM            -8153    Table is exclusively locked
JET_errTableInUseQM             -8154    Table is in use, cannot lock
JET_errTableLockedMUQM          -8155    Table is exclusively locked
JET_errTableInUseMUQM           -8156    Table is in use, cannot lock
JET_errQueryInvalidParmM        -8157    Invalid Parmeter Name (>64 char)
JET_errFileNotFoundM            -8158    File not found
JET_errFileShareViolationM      -8159    File sharing violation
JET_errFileAccessDeniedM        -8160    Access denied
JET_errInvalidPathM             -8161    Invalid Path
JET_errTableDuplicateM          -8162    Table already exists
JET_errQueryBadUpwardRefedM     -8163    Illegally Upward ref'ed
JET_errIntegrityViolMasterM     -8164    References to key exist
JET_errIntegrityViolslaveM      -8165    No referenced key exists
JET_errSQLUnexpectedWithM       -8166    Unexpected 'with' in this place
JET_errSQLOwnerAccessM          -8167    Owner Access Option is defined Twice
JET_errSQLOwnerAccessSyntaxM    -8168    Owner Access Option Syntax Error
JET_errSQLOwnerAccessDef        -8169    Owner Access Option is defined more
than once
JET_errAccessDeniedM            -8170    Generic Access Denied
JET_errUnexpectedEngineReturnM  -8171    I-ISAM: unexpected engine error code
JET_errQueryTopNotAllowedM      -8172    query cannot contain Top N
JET_errInvTokenAfterTableCls    -8173    Bogus token after table clause
JET_errInvTokenAfterRParen      -8174    Unexpected tokens after a closing paren
JET_errQueryBadValueListM       -8175    Malformed value list in Transform
JET_errQueryIsCorruptM          -8176    Query is Corrupt
JET_errInvalidTopArgumentM      -8177    Select Top argument is invalid
JET_errQueryIsSnapshot          -8178    Query is a snapshot
JET_errQueryExprOutput          -8179    Output is a calculated column
JET_errQueryTableRO             -8180    Column comes from read-only table
JET_errQueryRowDeleted          -8181    Column comes from deleted row
JET_errQueryRowLocked           -8182    Column comes from locked row
JET_errQueryFixupChanged        -8183    Would row-fixup away from pending
JET_errQueryCantFillIn          -8184    Fill-in-the-blank only on most-many
JET_errQueryWouldOrphan         -8185    Would orphan joined records
JET_errIncorrectJoinKeyM        -8186    Must match join key in lookup table
JET_errQueryLVInSubqueryM       -8187    Illegal long value in subquery
JET_errInvalidDatabaseM         -8188    Unrecognized database format
JET_errOrderVsUnion             -8189    You can only order by an outputted
column in a union
JET_errTLVCouldNotBindRef       -8190    Unknown token in TLV expression
JET_errCouldNotBindRef          -8191    Unknown token in FastFind expression
JET_errQueryPKeyNotOutput       -8192    Primary key not output
JET_errQueryJKeyNotOutput       -8193    Join key not output
JET_errExclusiveDBConflict      -8194    Conflict with exclusive user
JET_errQueryNoJoinedRecord      -8195    No F.I.T.B. insert if no joined record
JET_errQueryLVInSetOp           -8196    Illegal long value in set operation
JET_errTLVExprUnknownFunctionM  -8197    Unknown function in TLV expression
JET_errInvalidNameM             -8198    Invalid name
JET_errExpValue                 -8200    Expected value in VALUES list
JET_errDDLExpColName            -8201    expect column name
JET_errDDLExpLP                 -8202    expect '('
JET_errDDLExpRP                 -8203    expect ')'
JET_errDDLExpIndex              -8204    expect INDEX
JET_errDDLExpIndexName          -8205    expect index name
JET_errDDLExpOn                 -8206    expect ON
JET_errDDLExpKey                -8207    expect KEY
JET_errDDLExpReferences         -8208    expect REFERENCES
JET_errDDLExpTableName          -8209    expect table name
JET_errDDLExpNull               -8210    expect NULL
JET_errDDLExpConstraintName     -8211    expect constraint name
JET_errDDLExpDatatype           -8212    expect data type
JET_errDDLExpTable              -8213    expect TABLE
JET_errDDLExpEos                -8214    expect End Of String
JET_errDDLExpAddOrDrop          -8215    expect ADD or DROP
JET_errDDLExpColOrConstr        -8216    expect COLUMN or CONSTRAINT
JET_errDDLExpTableOrIndex       -8217    expect TABLE or INDEX
JET_errDDLExpNumber             -8218    expect a number
JET_errDDLExpConstr             -8219    expect a constraint
JET_errDDLPermissionDenied      -8220    DDL on read-only database
JET_errDDLObjectNotFound        -8221    table/constraint not found
JET_errDDLIndexNotFound         -8222    no such index
JET_errDDLNoPkeyOnRefdTable     -8223    no primary key on referenced table
JET_errDDLColumnsNotUnique      -8224    no unique key on referenced columns
JET_errDDLIndexDuplicate        -8225    index already exists
JET_errDDLTableNotFound         -8226    no such table
JET_errDDLRelNotFound           -8227    no such relationship
JET_errDDLRelDuplicate          -8228    relationship already exists
JET_errDDLIntegrityViolation    -8229    existing data violates new relationship
JET_errDDLColumnDuplicate       -8230    column already exists
JET_errDDLColumnNotFound        -8231    no such column
JET_errDDLColumnTooBig          -8232    column length too long
JET_errDDLColumnInRel           -8233    cannot drop column, in relationship
JET_errRelNoPrimaryIndexM       -8234    No primary index on referenced table
JET_errInvalidColumnM           -8235    Invalid column in index or reference
JET_errV11TableNameNotInScope   -8250    referenced table not in join clause
JET_errV11OnlyTwoTables         -8251    exactly two tables should be referenced
in join
JET_errV11OneSided              -8252    all tables come from one side of input
JET_errV11Ambiguous             -8253    Join clause is ambiguous when stored in
V1 format
JET_errTLVExprSyntaxM           -8260    Syntax error in TLV expression
JET_errTLVNoNullM               -8261    This field cannot be null
JET_errTLVNoBlankM              -8262    This column cannot be blank
JET_errTLVRuleViolationM        -8263    This validation rule must be met
JET_errRIViolationMasterCM      -8264    references to key exist while doing a
cascade RI action
JET_errRIViolationslaveCM       -8265    no referenced key exist while doing a
cascade RI action
JET_errRIKeyNullDisallowedCM    -8266    null value as a result of a cascade RI
JET_errRIKeyDuplicateCM         -8267    duplicate key as a result of a cascade
RI action
JET_errRIUpdateTwiceCM          -8268    tried to update some field in a record
JET_errRITLVNoNullCM            -8269    This field cannot be null
JET_errRITLVNoBlankCM           -8270    This column cannot be blank
JET_errRITLVRuleViolationCM     -8271    This validation rule must be met
JET_errRIInvalidBufferSizeCM    -8272    data size exceeds the column size as a
result of a cascade action
JET_errRIWriteConflictCM        -8273    write conflict due to cascading
JET_errRISessWriteConflictCM    -8274    session write conflict due to cascading
JET_errREPReadOnly             -20000    can't open this for update
JET_errREPSetRepid             -20001    users can't change the rep ID
JET_errREPDBNotRep             -20002    database not replicable
JET_errREPDBNotMaster          -20003    database not master
JET_errREPSecondGuid           -20004    don't put second guid on table
JET_errREPOnlyBuiltin          -20005    Can't make non-builtin replicable
JET_errREPNotOwner             -20006    Only owner can make DB replicable
JET_errREPCantRelate           -20007    Can't relate repl. and local table