Error "class not registered"?


I've written a program that uses the TPop component and on my PC it runs
just fine, but I can't get it to work on somebody else's PC, which doesn't
have Delphi 3 installed.

I used Installshield Express (that came along with D3pro) to create a setup
and installed the program on a collegue's PC. When I started the app, I got
an "class not registered" error.

From what I've read on DejaNews, I need to install and register the
corresponding OCX on the other PCs as well. I could use regsvr32 to do that,
but I was wondering how I could get InstallShield to create a setup that
registers the component for me.

(Fancy distributing such an application to end-users and putting a line in
the manual like 'oh, and by the way, please use regsvr to register the OCX'
Wouldn't sell much copies of that software, right?)


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