Interface Not Supported Help, Please

w/D3.02, NT4/SP4 Workstation, no local network:

I am unable to begin developing the simplest OleContainer test
programs. For instance:

  dropping a TOleContainer on the Form, right-clicking on the
  TOleContainer and accepting default 'Create New', and then
  selecting Microsoft Word Document (I have Word97,Sp2), returns
  the Error Message 'No such interface supported.'

I have tried other various approaches to start Word, all based
upon either Delphi Demo code, or on code referenced in these ngs.

I am also unable to have Word respond to DDE links, although
I have used code to establish and effect DDE converstaions
from Delphi app code with IE5, and with Delphi apps to other
Delphi apps.

But Ole no go.

I suspect that something is wrong with either the Ole Registration
for Word, or with my DCOM settings. However, my experience with these
things is almost none.

My DCOM settings are as follows:

General MS Word Document Properties:

Application Name: Microsoft Word Document
Application Type: local server
Authentication Level: Default
Local Path: [ correct]

Default Properties:
Enable DCOM on this computer

Default Athentication Level:

Default Impersonation Level:

Default Access Permissions:
Administrators: Allow Access
[ I've also tried adding 'Everyone']

Default Launch Permissions:
Administrators, Everyone,
Interactive,System: Allow Launch

Default Configuration Permissions:
Administrators, Everyone,
Creator Owner,System: Full Control
Interactive: Special Access

Default Protocols (Available)
Datagram UDP/IP
Connection-Oriented TCP/IP
Properties: 'Internet range' only for both

Location: Run Application on this computer

....and I'm not having any fun, either

George Newton
(x the rabbit... when sending email)