Delphi 3 now available on PC Plus (UK)

Hi all,

Just found that D3 is now available on the December 1999 issue of PC
Plus (UK), at a cost of GBP 4.99.

This is not a Delphi group...

Je sais, but in combination with Pasquale Morvillo's W32PAS21.EXE (found
on <> it would allow
you to compile your old BP programs into the 32-bit world.

Pasquale's words:

About PasW32

PasW32 is the Borland Pascal compatible RTL for 32 bits version of
Delphi. You can compile in Delphi old applications written with Borland
Pascal or you can create new console applications with a set of units
compatible with the BP RTL. In addition, you have all the advantages
and speed of 32-bit programming under WIN32 operating system, access to
all the memory available in your system, no 64Kb limit and full access
to WIN32 API. Of course, to compile your Borland Pascal programs with
the PASW32 library, you need also a 32-bit Delphi compiler (ver. 2, 3,
4 or 5).

The current version of PASW32 provide a replacement for the following

If you're unable to get PC Plus, drop me a line and we can work
something out. (The CD also contains the Linux distribution of
StarOffice 5.1)

Robert AH Prins

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Before you buy.