Help: Change Alias in BDE at runtime with Delphi 1.0


subject: Delphi 1.0, win 3.11, BDE configuration..
I'm trying to write a shell app, that launches installshield, and after
installshield has finished checkes out if the installation was correct,
given the situation on the specific machine where the installation has
taken place..

During the installation the BDE is installed and several Aliases are
added. However, this gives an error on some machines where the BDE was
already installed and the aliases are existing due to previous
installations. (("unable to add alias" or the like..)

My specific question is: How can i check out what aliases are available
in the DBE and how can i add, delete or change the values of the aliases
from a Delphi 1.0 program ?? Just like one can do with the Borland
BDECFG utility ?
Since the idapi.cfg file is a non-textfile, i cant just "edit" it in my
BTW i'm a bit of a newbie, so don't be too cryptic ;-))

Any suggestions ??

Thanx, Alex.

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