Problem retriving Binary Data from a Clipper Character field

Hi all,

A easy one.

I have a large and stable aplication in Clipper-DOS. I want to make a
windows aplication in Delphi using Apollo to retrieve data from the DOS

The trouble here is that I have real numbers stored in the DBF's in
IEEE-Floating Point format that only takes 8 bytes to store a very big real
number (instead of 15 to 20 bytes requiered in a normal 'Numeric' field) in
to a character field. These character fields holds binary data.

For example, the number 1.0 is in IEEE:

  chr(0) + chr(0) + chr(0) + chr(0) + chr(0) + chr(0) + chr(240) + chr(63)

this fit prefectly in a character field with a size of 8 bytes

When I try to read these fields in Delphi,  I get only a empty string:  ''
It seems like the BDE stops to read the field when it find a #0 ( chr(0) )
byte and discards the rest.

I have try reading a PCHAR variable using TStringField.GetData and
DBiGetField (this is a BDE API function) without any success.

I'm lost.

Please help, any advise will be apreciated.

Teo Fonrouge
Olan de Mxico, S.A. de C.V.