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 > > >What is the most efficient way to MOVE a file from one directory to
 > > >another in Turbo Pascal?  I'm using an old version (5.x or 6.x) and
 > > >can't seem to understand the DOS unit enough to use EXEC properly!

 In> If you're having problems with Exec, that's another matter.  There
 In> are  many undocumented subtlties which impact Exec; some of them are:

 In> - Use {$M 8192,0,0}
 In> - Use SwapVectors before and after each Exec call.
 In> - Don't attempt to use Exec in the IDE - there's seldom enough Real
 In> memory to complete the spawning.
 In> - Use Exec (GetEnv('COMSPEC'),'/c dos_command arguments');

I don't think this is very efficient. You're loading a second copy of
COMMAND.COM to run an external program (MOVE is a stand-alone utility, not
an internal DOS command).

 In> - You may have to use one of the "swapping" Units (ExecSwap, SPAWN,
 In> etc., if the task you're spawning is too large to fit into menory with
 In> your program.

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