Delphi 3.2 CS/Interbase /Master-Detail doesn't work

I'm trying to use Master - Detail relationships for 3 queries
(Q1->Q2->Q3). All 3 queries are regular SELECTS from 1 table each with 1
WHERE condition.
(say SELECT Q2.F1, Q2.F2, Q2F3 FROM Q2 WHERE Q2.F1=:K1 ORDER BY Q2.F2;)
K1 is a field in L1.? Q2 has Q1 as it's dataset, Q3 has Q2 as it's
dataset. There are 3 grids on the form.? When I was using Paradox, when
I moved current line on Grid for L1 grid for L2 would show me related
records, as described in the manual, but this doesn't work with
Interbase.? I guess I have to fix some driver parameters.? Please help.
Thanks in advance,
Alex Liberov

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