TDBChart or TChart

Is there someone who knows how to use the onClick event for a serie in a
TChart or TDBChart.

We found the following example in the help:
procedure TForm1PieSeriesOnClick( Sender:TChartSeries; ValueIndex:Longint;
Button:TMouseButton; Shift: TShiftState; X, Y: Integer);
ShowMessage ( 'This point value: ' + FloatToStr ( Sender.YValues [
ValueIndex ] ) ) ;

The question is how to connect this event to our particular Chart and (or)
data serie?

Or is there another way to get an onClick or onMouseOver for a data serie so
we can display e.g the value for the specific datapoint.?

Another question is what kind of a serie is there in the above example that
doesnt seem to belong to any Chart, does it belong directly to the form?