How to transfer long command-line parameters ?

I work with Delphi2 and Win95.

How to transfer  long command-line  parameters to another program
by using an text-file ?

Sometimes the command-line and parameters has more than 127 characters
so that it is impossible to transmit the data by adding the
just after the program.

My idear is to write the long command line into a text file, then call
the program by adding  the name of the command-line-file.

Unfortunately the fellowing program doesn't works I want.

function filecall : Boolean
var  filename, parameterfile : String;
  parameterfile := 'c:\test\parameter.txt';
  filename := 'c:\netscape.exe  parameterfile';
  Winexec(filename, sw_ShowNormal);

Thanks for help Dieter    mailto:f...@{*word*104}