Need your comments and opinions on Apollo 2.5 for Delphi 2.0


We are currently looking for a Windows development tool. As
Clipper programmers,we have now some big  Dos applications
on the market. So we have been searching for a 32bits
development tool , strong , stable and easy to use. We came
up with Delphi as being that but does Delphi can access
Clippers data files and indexes (.NTX). We found information
about Apollo 2.5, a 32bits replacement for BDE. As they explain
in the huge datasheet , its supposed to be the best tools to do
just that.

We havent bought Delphi yet nor Apollo and wed like to have
you opinion and comments on Apollo VS Delphi.

So for those of you who were in the same situation and got on
the boat wed like to have your appreciation via e-mail at

Does Apollo really works fine when  a Delphi app and a Dos
app get access to the same data at the same time ?


Daniel Gagn