BUG: Delphi 2.01 / BDE 3.5 / Oracle 7.2 or 7.3 & BACKGROUND QUERIES (resend)

It's the letter originally from Mitch Cant. I resend it because it has not
appeared in conferences:

This has been confirmed my myself

Mitch Cant <k...@coqui.net>

and by

"Aleksei A. Aleskeenko" <a...@sbor.ru>

who originally posted the problem here.

The problem is simple :

If you fix brolands background query demo (make it assign to USER NAME,
not just USER) and then execute queries on a database all seems well,

BUT (and you knew this was coming - right?)

If you try to scroll down past the end of your prefetch buffer,
you will get an exception.

Damned annoying.

The exception occurs on the dbiGetNextRecord in the DB unit.




Please keep both of us informed,


Mitch Cant <k...@coqui.net>
"Aleksei A. Aleskeenko" <a...@sbor.ru>