SQL Server, Delphi, Linked Servers

I have asked around about this problem a few times and I haven't gotten a
good answer yet.

My problem involves creating an ADO connection to a SQL Server and then
querying a linked server using the syntax

select * from [ServerName].[databasename].[tableowner].[tablename]

This query works perfectly in query analyzer.

I can't, however get it to work with delphi.  When I open the query I get
the error:

Access violation at address XXXXXXXX in module 'MSVCRT.DLL'.  Read of

Then I installed SQL Server 2000 SP 2 and now the error in delphi is:
Unspecified error.

Can somebody tell me why I am getting these errors and if not then point me
in the direction of where I should be looking.  I still don't even know if
this is a SQL Server problem or a Delphi problem!!!