slow IBX - parameter-overhead?!?


I'm using Delphi6Ent with IBX connecting to a IB6.01...

I have an app that usually connects within my intranet and the
performance of the IBX is in top..! All queries are optimized and runs
pretty fast..

Now I have to connect via the internet 256/256kb and now I realize it
is important to keep network-traffic down - because my App got awfully

I have analyzed the IBX<->IB traffic (with a sniffer) and I realize
two things:

1: when I use a prepared query with i.e. 6-7 parameteres, these
parameters are sent over the network one by one as a package and the
IB-server does an acknowledge... this takes 12-14 packages and is
somewhat expensive... can I conclude that this is MORE expensive than
doing a not-prepared query, where the parameters is written in the SQL
(this will make the IB-server do a little more thinking - no problem)
because the network traffic is reduced?!?

2: some of the return-packages is the size of 1500 bytes in spite of
the fact that it has only 10-15 meaningful characters.. how come?!?..
and how can one reduce the package-size?!?

thanks for any input in advance

best regards

Flemming Dahl