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How to add customized filter into Report Builder?

In reportBuilder, I use ReportExplorer and report designer, is there a way
to add some kind of
"user filter" to each report?

For example, if a user login as manager of department1, all the report
result is just for those files which belongs to department1.  So, different
manager runs same report but get their own result.

Thanks in advance.



Re:How to add customized filter into Report Builder?

If you are familiar with our AutoSearch fields, you may know that it is
possible to add autosearch criteria in code via the
TppReport.AutoSearchFields property. If you also set
TppReport.ShowAutoSearchDialog to False, the added AutoSearch fields become,
in effect, simply search criteria as they are applied without using the
standard RB AutoSearch dialog. (See the TppReport.AutoSearchFields help
topic for more information).
So, if you add a search criteria for your manager's department (or
somesuch), behind the scenes when they login, they'll run the report and see
just their pertinent data.



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