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Non-MAPI mail


Does anyone know where I can get more information on the mail system this is
used, for example, by Internet Explorer?

It doesn't appear to be handled via anything to do with MAPI (I've already got
all the MAPI mail interfacing working nicely, and haven't come across anything
that looks appropriate).

In the registry you can look under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\software\clients\mail,
and there are all your mail clients (including such ones and Microsoft
Internet Mail, Exchange, Outlook, Eudora, etc. depending on what you've got

Under (for example) Internet Mail and News\Protocols\mailto\shell\open\command
you can even see that the value contains the string to execute to create a new
note, but I can't seem to find any documentation anywhere describing this

Any help would be greatly appreciated.




Re:Non-MAPI mail


Internet Explorer uses SMTP to send mail.  

If you need to do E-mail operations, you might have a look at our
IDSMail component.  It gives you a universal E-mail interface that
supports SMTP/POP3, MAPI, MHS, VIM, and Banyan VINES.  For example, this
is all the code you would need to send an Internet mail message (SMTP)
with a file attachment:

      idsMail: Variant;

idsMail := CreateOLEObject('IDSMailInterface.Server');
idsMail.ObjectKey := 'ABC123';
idsMail.MailSystem := IDSM_SYS_SMTP_POP;
idsMail.SMTPServer := '';
idsMail.From := MyName <>;
idsMail.AddRecipientTo ('Jim Smith <>');
idsMail.AddRecipientCc (' Mary Brown <>');
idsMail.Subject := 'Meeting Agenda';
idsMail.Message := 'Here is the agenda for this weeks meeting';
idsMail.AddAttachment ('C:\MEETINGS\AGENDA.DOC');

For more info on IDSMail, go to


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