TDataModules / the magic to make them appear in the Object Inspector

I though I would help others who have had a problem using TDataModule
(TDM) for the first time.  Of the recent postings I saw telling new
TDM users how to make them appear in the object inspector of a form,
about 99% were (unintentionally) WRONG!

The unit/form requiring the use of aparticular TDM, must add the
particular TDM unit to their form's IMPLEMENTATION USES clause, NOT
the INTERFACE USES clause.  No excuse for that behavior, but that's
the way it is - in v2.01.

If Borland were not a company in a tail-spin decline,  this (and a
million other basic concepts) would be documented.  But the 2.01
online help mentions nothing about TDataModules.  Then again Borland
doesn't even like to admitt that 2.01 exists - you have to twist their
arm to get them to admitt it.  The only thing that could make Borland
worse is if CA bought them - let's hope not!

Good Luck,

A long time Borland user.

Steven Elwell
Miami, Florida

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