INFO: Moving from BDE 3.0 to 3.5 with Persistent TMemofield and MSSQL-server 6.5

This is a small note to add to the list "MemoFields and their
peculiarities". I spent a few hours working on this bug(ger) so I
thought I would spare my colleagues out there.

BDE Errormessage "Field 'something' is not of exptected type".
If you create a TQuery with persistent memofields using BDE 3.0 all the
memofields will have the property 'size' = 1.

When the size property is set you get the BDE Errormessage .... when
opening the query.

If you do the same with BDE 3.5 the 'size'-property is not set and the
query runs smoothly.

Havard Ostgaard