Gurus needed: Delphi (16 bit) DLL that loads DLL query

Just a quick question regarding DLL loading under Delphi - has anyone
had any experience (good or bad) loading DLLs which themselves load

I have just such a beastie, and it loads 2 support DLLs when it comes
in. Trying to use it under Delphi with either static linking, or pulling
it in with LoadLibrary gives 'Error 2, File Not Found' errors. In the
case of static linking, the program does not get anywhere near running -
Program Manager says it cannot find one of its components.

This is a *&@$ lie - they are there (on the path, in the directory etc).

In desperation, I duplicated the key bit that loads the DLL in VB and it
loads the DLL (and all its baggage) with a depressing eagerness.

The DLL and its friends are all 16 bit, and I am using Delphi 16 bit
which shipped on the Delphi 2.0 CD - all running (for this project)
under Windows 3.1 (though 95 to follow - no 32 bit DLLs available)...

Curiously - if I nuke one of the support DLLs, then the VB version tells
me which DLL it cannot find; Delphi gives no clue.

Thanks for any and all ideas,