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I have no idea about objects, methods, etc.
All I want to know is how you use the HideCursor and the ShowCursor Procs.
in TP 7.0 (It belongs to TView.)

If you can write for me a small demonstartion prog., I'll be very thankfull!

Thanks in advanced
Ori Ben-Dor




I use Turbo Pascal 7.00, and I have only little knowledge about it. I would
like to use the HideCursor Proc. (Is it a proc.?). I know nothing about
objects, as well as the TView, or whatever it belongs to.

If anyone can write for me a small program demonstrating the use of it, and
send it to my e-mail address, I will be vey thankfull.
I will be more than happy if anyone can also explain me shortly what
objects, methods, etc. are, how I use them, and what is this Object unit,
it's sub-units and so on.

Thanks a lot,
Ori Ben-Dor

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