HELP: Compilation error 49!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Compilation error 49: Code segment too big.


I do not know much about limits in Delphi 1. I know of course that the limit
for one unit is 64K but an error occurs when I compile my project without
pointing on any unit. So, I just don't know which unit to "shrink". BUT, I
know that there is no unit exceeding 64K (by experienced), that is why I think
that the problem could come from my uses declarations.

In my program I do like this:

unit balances;

uses WinProcs, printers, DB, (etc);



uses abalance, bbalance, cbalance, (etc); {here I put each unit of my program
                                           in the use of other unit. So, each
                                           unit is accessible from each unit.}

I would like to know if such a thing could make a compilation error 49(CODE


Awaiting your prompt reply.

Fran?ois Beaudoin

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