QRRichtext problem


I put two stretching controls(QRrichtext) beside each other on the same
band, and both of them need at least two pages to print.
Both have the minimum height to display 1 line of text.
When I preview or print, the control created first will be shown correctly,
however, the other band will only display 1 line of text,
and only when the first control doesn't spill over onto the next page, will
the second control strech to fit the page( and onto following pages).

Setting the height of the band and controls to maximum size, will show the
controls' text allright, but only for the first page.
(Setting only the height of the second control to max, results in no
auto-stretch for the first control on the first page.)
On the following pages, the control currently stretching, will stretch
BEYOND the margin, and later bands, like a pagefooter will
overwrite the text. The other control will behave as it's supposed to.

I'm using : Delphi 4, Quickreport 3.0.4, Windows 98

Arthur Westerman