Synchronizing TListViews and hiding a scrollbar

This post elicited no response in the WinAPI newsgroup, so I am trying

I have a form with two TListView components separated by a TSplitter.  The
form displays data for comparison purposes, I need to:

* Hide the scrollbar on the left listview.

* Synchronize the vertical scrolling so that scrolling either listview
(using keyboard or right scrollbar) will automatically scroll the other.

This is very simple to do with a component like TStringGrid which has a
ScrollBars property and an OnTopLeftChanged event handler.  I can't figure
out how to do this with listviews.  My last fruitless attempt was to
subclass TListView and add a message handler for LVM_SCROLL (the message
handler was never called).  Perhaps there is a special WM_NOTIFICATION
message that I am not aware of?

Thanks for your assistance.

Russell L. Smith