Autosize TQuickReport bands and DBText fields

Hi everyone,

I have a QRDBText field on a TQRBand (BandType rbDetail) with
AutoStretch = TRUE, i.e.
if the QRDBTExt contains a lot of text it can grow vertically.
The band itself does not have an AutoStretch property. This is clearly
visible since it has a
frame: I now have a black line going through my text.
I tried putting a frame around the QRDBText itself, but this gave the
same effect.

I also tried things like:

  QRCBDetail.Height := QRDBText1.Height + 20;

in the BeforePrint of QRCDDetail or the AfterPrint of the band above it,
but alas.

Is there anything I can do to have a proper frame around the autosized

Thanks in advance,

Jan Doggen / Masters Software
Leiden, The Netherlands