IDHttp.Request.BasicAuthentication FALSE Problem

In using the IDHttp component, I found that when request.BasicAuthentication
was set to false after having set it true and issuing a GET, the Basic
Authorization request header information still remained, and was sent to the
server on the next get request causing a 401 error if that url was not
expecting authentication information, even though BasicAuthentication was
now set to false.  I was able to get around it by freeing the Authentication
object and setting it to nil, but I have no idea if I should be doing this
or not.  Can't find any docs...  Does anyone else have a documented way to
handle this?  Tried request.clear but that didn't fix it either.

procedure TfrmMain.SetBasicAuthentication(value: boolean);
  http.request.BasicAuthentication := value;
  if value then begin
    http.Request.UserName := edUserName.text;
    http.Request.Password := edUserPassword.text;
  end else begin
    http.Request.UserName := '';
    http.Request.Password := '';
    http.Request.Authentication := nil;