DataSnap Remote Data Module using SOAP

Hi All,

I've played with Delphi 6 Enterprise, Kylix 2 Enterprise (60-day trial
edition) working on some nice SOAP and DataSnap (formerly known as MIDAS)

The fruits of my experimentations - SOAP/DataSnap from Windows to Linux and
back - have resulted in a set of papers. Well, it's basically one paper,
produced dynamically by an "old-fashioned" WebBroker application, with a
number of dynamic options that can turn it into 14 (slightly) different
papers. All describing how to build a SOAP DataSnap server (using Delphi 6
Enterprise or Kylix 2 Enterprise), for a specific web server target, with a
specific database/table, and for a specific SOAP Client (again using either
Delphi 6 Enterprise or Kylix 2 Enterprise).

The place to see the overview of all 14 papers and make your individual
selection is

          Bob Swart (aka Dr.Bob -

drs. Robert E. (Bob) Swart - Consultant, Delphi Trainer & Author
UK-BUG Borland User Group Member & Borland UK Connections Member