ANNOUNCE: WordWeb thesaurus/dictionary - use it from your programs!

There's now a new version WordWeb, the Freeware thesaurus/dictionary.
The help file explains how you can use it from your Delphi program by calling
DLL functions. There are 16 and 32 bit versions (both written in Delphi!).

New features in this version include

 * Windows 95 version. Use on its own or from MS Word 7/ Lotus Word Pro
 * Improved keyboard interface - you no longer need to use the mouse
 * New macros to use it from Word 2, Ami Pro, Word 7 and Word Pro.
 * Various bug fixes and cosmetic improvements

For more information and where best to download it from, see

Enjoy the program!

Antony Lewis
Author of Crossword Compiler and WordWeb. Home page: