Application error in IDODBC32.DLL when opening a Query


I've had a few sleepless nights now because of an unexplainable
(to me) error that occurs when using the BDE with a connection
towards a Microsoft ODBC driver for Oracle. I've upgraded both
the MS DAO components and the BDE to the latest version (5.1.1),
but the problem is not solved.

Using a TQuery, I insert and delete two entries in a table. This
works fine, but when I try to open a query containing a select,
it doesn't matter with what arguments or on whatever table in
the database, an application error occurs in IDODBC32.DLL. I'm
completely out of suggestions as to what may cause it. To put
words on the problem, the error occurs whenever executing an SQL
statement that returns a result set.

If I try to open the table in a TTable, an EInvalidOp exception
occurs, with the message "Invalid floating point operation". This makes
me even more confused.

If anyone have any suggestions that can help me, I would really
appreciate it. I'm using BCB 4 PRO.

BTW: Is it possible to get a copy of the SQL Monitor for the Pro

Lars Ove Claesson