Help please with right-click menu on TDBEdit

I'm relatively new to Delphi (8 months) so this problem may be due to my
inexperience. I have written a Delphi application that sits on top of a
dBase table. Everything is working great (and it should be after the
time I've invested in it!) except that when a user right-clicks on a
TDBEdit component, the resulting pop-up menu only allows them to 'copy'
or 'select all' - the other options are shaded/disabled.

I want users to be able to use the pop-up menu to paste info between
fields and from external applications, as with any regular TEdit
component. Strangely, the Windows default key procedures work perfectly,
i.e., Ctrl+V to paste, Ctrl+X to delete, with TDBEdit components. The
fields in question are the same type and even the same size. If I setup
a TEdit to mirror the value of a TDBEdit (i.e., Edit1.Text :=
EditLAST_NAME.Text;), the right-click menu for the TEdit component
(Edit1) works perfectly - so it can't be related to the data itself. The
right-click menu works fine with regular TEdit components, so why not
with TDBEdit components as well?

Thanks very much for any help with this.