Need great help with getting data from parallel port!

Greetings to all programmers

I have to write a program that will need to be compatable to the info I am
giving below. Please give me an example of how to get the information to the
screen at least.
I have a weather station that allows one to connect to a computer through
the paralle port. The information is below:


1.            Digit Select Code D.
2.            Digit Select Code C.
3.            Digit Select Code B.
4.            Digit Select Code A.
5.            Segment d.p (decimal point)
6.            Segment a.
7.            Segment b.
8.            Segment c.
9.            Segment d.
10.            Segment e.
11.            Segment f.
12.            Segment g.
13.            Wind direction select code A.
14.            Wind direction select code B.
15.            Wind direction select code C.
16.            Wind direction select code D.
17.            N.C (No connection)
18.            Front Panel switch bus.
19.            Rear Panel switch bus.
20.            Digit strobe
21.            N.C.
22.            N.C.
23.            N.C.
24.            N.C.
25.            GND. (Ground)

Here is the information on the "digit select codes":

DCBA    Display DIGIT

0001    Temperature 10's digit.
0010    Barometric pressure 10's digit.
0011    Barometric pressure 1/10's digit.
0100    Wind speed 10's digit.
0101    Time 10's Hours.
0110    Time 10's minutes.
0111    Time 10's seconds.
1000    Temperature sign & overflow digit
1001    Temperature 1's digit.
1010    Barometric pressure 1's digit
1011    Barometric pressure 1/100's digit
1100    Wind Speed 1's digit.
1101    Time 1's Hours.
1110    Time 1's Minutes.
1111    Time 1's Seconds.

Here is the information of the "Wind direction select Codes":

0000    N
0001    NNW
0010    WNW
0011    NW
0100    SSW
0101    SW
0110    W
0111    WSW
1000    NNE
1001    NE
1010    E
1011    ENE
1100    S
1101    SSE
1110    ESE
1111    SE

Now, I would like to write a program that will receive the information and
then store it in an array or memory as a variable. I have to use this
information to be able to do formulas. I would like to calculate other
weather information and predictions. This I don't have yet, but hopefully
will get them soon.

I need help with commands and procedures to be able to get this information
from the weather station to memory, so that I can then use the data to do
the calculations.

Could you please as previously asked, give me an example to get the data so
that it is usable to be used in IF etc. commands.

You can contact me at

I will really appreciate it.

Thanks in advanced.

Riaan Stopforth
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