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Delphi + What DataBase In Linux?

I'm planning to write  a client/server application. I'd use the Delphi as the   client development kit to develop an inventory system that access a database in Linux. Does anyone what I should puchase (Standard Delphi or Client/server      delphi.) And What DBMS in Linux I should used?

Beig a student, it is only my final year project that I want to use a freeware  or shareware of DBMS in the Linux area? Does anyone know what DBMS , freeware orshareware, in Linux platform I should use

Thank for any advance that can help!

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Re:Delphi + What DataBase In Linux?

While linux is a great platform (I use it and love it) finding
database server software for it will be difficult.  You'll need a
product that supports ODBC if you're going to use it with Delphi since
you won't find native drivers for any linux database products. The
market for this type of software on linux is just developing.  There
are a couple of products out there (Empress and VBIX) which might fit
the bill, but you'll have to pay for them.  I haven't tried VBIX, but
I can tell you that Empress for linux isn't quite ready for primetime.
 Its fast enough, but the ODBC server hasn't quite reached maturity.
And w/o ODBC, Delphi will be useless as a front-end.

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