ANN: Logging & debugging tool SmartInspect 1.4 released

2006-04-27 08:03:50 PM
We are happy to announce the release of SmartInspect 1.4 - a new version
of our advanced logging tool for debugging and monitoring .NET, Java and
Delphi applications. SmartInspect 1.4 includes major new features like
the new Tasks toolbox, full configuration file support and the new
Configuration Builder.
NEW: New Tasks toolbox
The new Tasks toolbox in the SmartInspect Console offers shortcuts to
often used features such as loading recent log files or searching the
current log and provides fast access to the Getting Started help topics
and example projects. This makes it easier for new users to get started
with SmartInspect.
NEW: Configuration file support
Starting with this release, the SmartInspect libraries fully support
loading their configuration from a file at runtime. In addition to
loading the connections string like it was already possible in earlier
SmartInspect versions, the SmartInspect libraries can now also load
other properties like the log level, enabled status or the application
name. This allows SmartInspect users to dynamically configure the
logging behavior of their applications at runtime without changing the
application itself.
NEW: Configuration Builder
The SmartInspect Configuration Builder is a new tool which assists in
creating and editing library configuration files. Similar to the
Connections Builder which managed connections files in earlier
SmartInspect versions, it allows you to build an entire library
configuration file by just selecting the desired options and adding the
logging destinations.
Make sure to check out the other new features, changes and bug fixes
like the new TCP/IP server port command line switch of the SmartInspect
Console, the new and improved help topics, support for Borland Developer
Studio 2006 Update 2 and more at:
SmartInspect is an advanced logging tool for debugging and monitoring
.NET, Java and Delphi applications. It helps you to identify bugs, find
solutions to customer problems and gives you a clear understanding of
how your software works in different environments and under different
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