ANN: NexusDB Support Level Agreement special offer

2007-05-24 06:14:38 PM
Nexus Database Systems is pleased to announce a special offer on our paid
Support Level Agreements (SLAs). For a limited time only, we are offering
the following rebates:
1 year contract - 40% off
3 year contract - 50% off
5 year contract - 60% off
What are the Support Level Agreements?
Our SLAs are support agreements which guarantee you that we will respond
within an agreed upon time limit to your support requests. Many of today's
general software customers are companies who will demand a similar agreement
with you, the developer. For you, the developer, having such an agreement
with us will help safeguard your business.
The higher levels of SLAs also gives other benefits to your business, such
as automatic access to current source snapshots, access to beta programs,
For more info on the different SLAs, look here:
The order page:
Eivind Bakkestuen
Nexus Database Systems Pty Ltd