[ANN] VssConneXion for RAD Studio 2007 - SourceSafe integration

2007-08-26 04:49:09 AM
EPocalipse Software is happy to announce the immediate availability of
VssConneXion 4.0 for CodeGear RAD Studio 2007 (Delphi and C++Builder)
What is VssConneXion?
VssConneXion is a SourceSafe add-in for RAD Studio 2007.
It provides a very tight integration between the two products and allows you
to perform almost all SourceSafe command without leaving the IDE. But not
only that - VssConneXion provides features not available even in SourceSafe!
Features and screenshots:
* Access to the most common source control command (Get latest version,
Check In,
Check Out etc.) directly from the IDE:
* Integration with the IDE history view:
* Automatic checkout of checked in files when they are edited locally:
(*) Source History - An enhanced history viewer that combines a difference
viewer: www.epocalipse.com/images/v_source_history.png
(*) Review Changes - The easiest way to review changes enter check-in
comments: www.epocalipse.com/images/v_review_changes.png
(*) Find Last Change - Right click in the editor and find the last time this
line was changed.
(*) Source Analysis - Overview of the changes made to a file by different
views: www.epocalipse.com/images/v_src_analysis_user.png
* Synchronize - One operation to synchronize your local directory with the
SourceSafe project: www.epocalipse.com/images/v_synchronize.png
(*) - Unique feature. Not available in SourceSafe!
Price: Only 59.95 EUR per license. Volume discounts available.
For more information, visit www.epocalipse.com/vcx.htm
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