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Think it is fixed...

2006-05-10 05:58:47 PM
I know this sounds stupid, but in addition to updating the midas.dll, I
simply installed the httpsrvr.dll from the Delphi 7 CD.
All is working perfectly in Delphi 6 now AND with TwebConnection, which is exactly
what I wanted. It is working with stored procedures and normal queries too.
Just have to keep remembering to set the ADO cursor to clServer...!
Really, many thanks for your input - very much appreciated. Kept me going
through the early hours of this morning. :-))
Very kind regards
"Johannes Bjerregaard" <jozzb@hotmail>writes
Barry Clark writes:

>I tried all your suggestions on our development server (latest Midas,
>callbacks = false) It crashed with IPSockets too.
>So set up a clean Windows 2000 server. Installed latest midas and
>scktsrv.exe and started it as a service. For some weird reason the
>scktsrv was runing, but the icon did not show up in the taskbar -
>have you met this problem? Anyway, registered "my" software server
>- OK Created a new client using IPSocket on port 211. This time all
>worked perfectly - got the "fetchparams" to work with the 2 parameter
>query. Program ran and displayed the correct date. Re-tried
>TWebconnection. Crashed as before...

I have seen services before that would did not show tray icons on
Windows Server (2000 or maybe 2003). Not with socket server in

The missing icon did not appear to affect performance, other than the
fact I couldn't get to the user interface of the service :) This
behavior may be by design on Windwos Server, I frankly don't remember.

We run socket server in a logged in user session on the server, not as
a service. We just put it in the Startup folder and login every time we
reboot. Not very convenient. I forgot why we do this, but I am sure
there was a reason.

I'm not full of good ideas at this time, unfortunately. What's strange
is you're saying it works (on some computers) with the socket transport
but not the web transport (or was it DCOM?)

I still don't know what the exception type and message are that you get
when calling FetchParams at run-time. That might be good to know.

>i'm tempted to set up a basic PC and just use if as the "MIDAS"
>server. What do you think?
>Perhaps upgrading to Delphi 7 is the only answer - if it works for you, it
>should work for me? It all seems pretty flaky (BTW I have been using

Upgrading to Delphi 7 shouldn't be a big deal, provided you have all 3rd
party components in Delphi 7 versions. Depending on how little risk you're
willing to take at this time, maybe install it on a separate computer.

You could start by installing Delphi 7 and re-creating your test project and
see if it works any better there.

Also if you haven't already, check this fixed version of socket server
out. The one that ships with D5/D7 has a problem with multiprocessor
servers (probably dual core too.) It caused our system to crash under
stress - since we installed this fixed version, we've had no problems:



Re:Think it is fixed...

Barry Clark writes:
Really, many thanks for your input - very much appreciated. Kept me
going through the early hours of this morning. :-))
I'm glad it works for you now.