Re: ZReport for Delphi 6 - does anyone have?

2003-07-15 08:21:51 PM
I got it from Zaitsev by e-mail.
Here is e-mail XXXX@XXXXX.COM address.
I got Version 2. If you get newer version please let me know.
I do not know why big companies are asleep. Why dont they realize and
develop a version of report writer for dot matrix printer. Report writer for
dot matrix is a must have reporting tool for every developer. I have never
developed a single project that dot not need dot matrix reports too.
I have heard that FastReports is planning to incorporate dot matrix printer
reports in ver 3.
Best of luck.
S. Bokhari
"Paul Wilson" <XXXX@XXXXX.COM>writes
I am attempting to upgrade to Delphi 6, and can not find a Delphi 6
version of ZReport.
I have been told that one exists, or maybe one of you converted a copy?

Any help is appreciated.