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Indy10 and Accept-Encode

2005-11-13 02:17:10 AM
Hi Indy gurus,
I'm using Indy10 in order to fetch html pages, when I try downloading
the page with "accpet-encoding: gzip", I cannot find a way to
deflate/inflate/decompress/uncompress (any way you want to call it) the
response stream into a valid string.
Here's a snippest of my code:
GETStatement:= '';
IdHTTPRequest:= TIdHTTP.Create();
IdHTTPRequest.Request.AcceptEncoding := 'gzip, deflate, '; //Indy
automatically adds identity
fResultStream := TStringStream.Create('');
IdHTTPRequest.Get(GETStatement, fResultStream);
... (What should I do now?)
HTMLSource := Response.DataString;
I read in other threads that Indy10 support decompression, I didn't see
any documentation for that.
I really hope you could help me.

Re:Indy10 and Accept-Encode

On 12 Nov 2005 10:17:10 -0800, XXXX@XXXXX.COM writes:
I really hope you could help me.
Hoi Itay
You need to repost your question on the Borland news server to make
everybody see it and possibly answer your question.
Take a look here:
which links to